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DayWeather Web Cam

Web Cam from the old Cheyenne Airport Control Tower.

Weather Radios

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ALL NOAA HAZARDS / AM / FM Weather Alert Clock Radio: One Button Selects Tornado Only Alerts - $59.95
Model W85947

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Are frequent unwanted alerts keeping you up at night? This NOAA Weather Radio has one simple button that limits unwanted alert interruptions without the need for programming.* Monitor all 7 weather band channels, listen to AM/FM radio or press one button to standby for ALL HAZARDS ALERTS or TORNADO ONLY ALERTS. 

NOAA weather radios are the fastest way to get emergency info. The color display with adjustable brightness features time, date, NOAA weather band channel, selected alert mode (ALL HAZARDS or TORNADO ONLY) and scrolling alert text. 


  • One button press selects all alerts or tornado only alerts (no programming necessary)
  • Instant weather alerts
  • 7 NOAA weather band channels
  • Three color-coded alert LED lights: Illuminate to indicate alert type 
  • Scrolling alert messages
  • AM / FM digital radio
  • Customize optional alert settings
  • Signal strength indicator
  • Display brightness: HI/LOW/OFF
  • Time and calendar
  • Time alarm with snooze
  • Low battery indicator                 


  • 6.0V AC adapter (included) 
  • Battery backup: 3 “AAA” 
  • Alkaline batteries (not included)


* Disclaimer: La Crosse McCormick, LLC. (“La Crosse”) provides various alert options to aid users.  La Crosse shall not be liable for accuracy, usefulness or availability of information transmitted via the service. Users are solely responsible for damages to persons or property by service use.

Dimensions: 6.5in. × 3.177in. × 3.122in.

AM/FM/WB NOAA Weather Radio with Hand Crank and LED Flashlight

Model: 810-106
Manual: Owner's Manual

Quantity :

Weather Radio Features:
Keep aware of weather while camping, hiking, boating or just at home in a storm. This compact Weather Radio can receive 7 different weather band channels for alerts and AM/FM stations for news or entertainment. Operates as a LED flashlight if the power goes out.

  • Weather Band: Receives 7 weather band channels
  • Radio: AM and FM radio reception
  • IC Chip: US made high quality
  • Brushless AC motor
  • Battery: LIR123A Rechargeable 3.7V 600mAh
  • Hand Crank: Crank charge 1-minute equals 30-minutes of use
  • Solar Panel: Power all day in sunlight
  • Mini USB Port: Charge the radio with USB power source
  • Charge cell phone/USB devices from the radio
  • LED flashlight at the push of a button
  • Audio out: Connect earphone (not included)
  • Backlight: Blue changes to Red for Weather Alert
  • 1 Year Warranty (see manual for details)


  • Power Requirements:
    Rechargeable Battery: LIR123/600MAH (included)
  • AM/FM and Weather Band Selection:
    • 7 NOAA Weather Band Channels: 162.4000  - 162.5500MHz
    • AM Stations: 540-1700KHz
    • FM Stations: 88-108 MHz
  • Storage Temperature:
    • 14 °F  - 130°F (-10 °C – 54 °C)
Dimensions: 5.5in. × 2.375in. × 2.5in.


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